How To Stop Worrying and Enjoy as You get older

Download My Older Writer's Guide sheet. You'll quickly discover how you can easily go after your dream -- no matter how old you are.

Ronald Murphy

It's true. You can become a writer no matter how old you are.

You and I probably have a lot in common. Especially if you always wanted to be a writer like I did. I just never seemed able to make it happen.  Not until I got older, much older!

I didn’t get started until my mid 70’s.  Now, I’ve got three newsletters going out regularly plus two books published and a third in the final stages.

When you look at my Guide sheet, you’ll discover the secret.  It’s just a matter of having the right tools:

  1. Tools for Researching
  2. Tools for Organizing
  3. Tools for Writing

Tools for Fun

The guides include templates and tools, story models, and more.  These are mostly the technical side of writing. What led me t o being able to write as I chose too, was realizing I was far ahead of youner people.  I had experiences and loss and wins, etc.